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Setting Still Image Clips as Sequence

Combine multiple still image clips as a single sequence clip and register it to [Library].

You can create a movie-like time lapse clip that is made of combined still images shot in a certain intervals.


  • If the frame sizes of selected still image clips differ, they cannot be combined.

  • Sequence clips can be shared online only via FTP.

1) Select multiple still image clips in the thumbnail pane.

  • To select multiple clips, perform the following operations.

    • Click on a clip one by one with [Ctrl] on the keyboard held down.

    • Click on a clip on the top and then the bottom with [Shift] on the keyboard held down.

2) Right-click on the selected still image clips, and click [Set as Still Sequence].

  • The selected still image clips are combined in the order of file names and registered to [Library] as a single sequence clip.

  • The name of the sequence clip will be the same as the first clip among the combined clips.

  • The number of combined still image clips appears on the upper right of the thumbnail of created sequence clip.

  • To change the playback speed, change the frame rate of the sequence clip. Click the [Frame Rate] list button in the properties pane, and select a frame rate to apply.

Canceling a Set Sequence

Cancel combining of a sequence clip.

1) Right-click on a sequence clip, and click [Cancel Sequence].

  • After the sequence is canceled, the clip name returns to the one before the clips are combined.

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