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Tagging to Clips

Tags can be set to clips in simple operations by registering tag information to keyboard shortcuts.

Registering Tags

Register tag information to the prepared keyboard shortcuts.

1) Click [Edit] on the menu bar, and click [Tagging].

  • The [Tagging] dialog box appears.

2) Enter tag information in the entry field.

  • Enter the information in the entry field for the keyboard shortcut to use.

  • Clicking on of the entry field shows existing tags used in [Library] of Mync. Clicking on a tag to use populates the entry field with the tag.

3) Press [Enter] on the keyboard.

  • The entered information is confirmed and registered as a keyboard shortcut.

  • Multiple tags can be registered to a single keyboard shortcut. To continue registering keyboard shortcuts, repeat steps 2) through 3) .

4) Click [×] on the upper right of the [Tagging] dialog box.

  • The [Tagging] dialog box is closed.

  • Showing/hiding the [Tagging] dialog box: [Ctrl] + [K]

  • By clicking on a registered tag in the entry field of the [Tagging] dialog box, you can edit tag information or delete the tag.

Tagging with Keyboard Shortcut Operation

You can tag clips with keyboard shortcut operation.

Registering Tags


To add a tag registered as keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [1] to a clip

1) Click on a clip in the thumbnail pane.

2) Press [Ctrl] + [1] on the keyboard.

  • The tags of the selected clip are displayed in [Tags in selected clips] of the [Tagging] dialog box. It is useful to keep the [Tagging] dialog box displayed so that you can tag while checking the information of the tags added to the clip.

  • Showing [Tagging] dialog box and tagging with keyboard shortcuts are available while full screen preview is being performed.

  • Tags added with keyboard shortcuts can be deleted using the same keyboard shortcuts.

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