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Playback of Storyboard

Play back a storyboard.

Storyboard playback starts from the position of the slider. Clips are played back in order from the top of the thumbnail pane as in the following figure.

1) Click on a storyboard to play back on the sidebar.

2) Click [Play] in the preview pane.

  • Playback will start in the preview pane.

    The frame of the position of the slider is displayed in the preview pane.

  • In the operation area, you can perform operations such as volume adjustment and change of preview image quality.

3) Click [Stop] in the preview pane.

  • Playback will stop.

  • The video can be also viewed in the full screen preview.

    To switch to the full screen preview, double-click on the preview pane. To go back to the normal view, double-click on the full screen preview window.

  • You can export still images from video, change image quality or color space for preview.

    Exporting a still Image

    Draft preview

    Switching [Preview Color Space]

  • You can undo an editing operation or redo an undone editing operation of a storyboard by performing the following operations.

    • Click [Edit] on the menu bar, and click [Storyboard] → [Undo] or [Redo].

    • Click [Undo] or [Redo] on the top of the thumbnail pane.

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