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Mync is a tool for source management that can register sources in various formats as clips, preview them, and group them by category.

You can also use those managed clips to create movies and upload them to video-sharing websites by simple operations.

The main features of Mync are as follows.

  • Various display view ([Thumbnail], [Details], [Calendar], [Timeline])

  • Video source previewing (full-screen preview supported)

  • Automatic recognition of sources that are stored in the device (such as smartphone, USB memory, SD memory card used for camera)

  • Automatic creation of metadata such as date or camera model

  • Uploading to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and other servers

  • Grouping sources by [Catalog]/[Smart Catalog]

  • Creating movies using [Storyboard] and exporting the files

  • Touch operation supported

  • 2 in 1 supported

  • Supported language: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (traditional, simplified), Korean

  • The latest information about Mync is released on the website “MYNCWORLD.COM”.

    Please visit MYNCWORLD.COM, and you can find online manual for Mync, FAQ, and other information.


Interaction with EDIUS

If you use Mync that has come with EDIUS, you can effectively use it in interaction with EDIUS.

Clips managed by Mync can be registered to the bin from the source browser of EDIUS. By selecting and sorting necessary clips using Mync in advance, you can quickly start editing with EDIUS.

In the source browser of EDIUS, grouping by [Catalog] and [Smart Catalog] can be displayed as they are, and contents edited with [Storyboard] can be handled as clips. You can also export catalogs to XML files from Mync and import them to the bin of EDIUS directly.

In addition, you can export the contents edited with EDIUS to a file, register it to Mync, and upload it to video-sharing websites such as YouTube.

You can export storyboards from Mync to XML files, import them to EDIUS, etc., and then register the sources and edited data used when creating the storyboards to the bin of EDIUS, etc.

Various editing procedures will be possible, for example, you can select the sources and perform rough cut editing and story creation with Mync, and then finish it up with EDIUS on another PC.

By using the interaction function between Mync and EDIUS, sources can be managed and edited in a seamless connection.

  • When EDIUS is installed, Mync is installed automatically.

  • You can also start up Mync alone from the desktop, etc.


  • Interaction with EDIUS is supported only for Mync that comes with EDIUS.

Basic and Standard versions available Download the Basic version free for a limited time!

We have prepared two versions of Mync. The Basic version can be used by a wide range of individual users and the Standard version has advanced functions that enable use even in professional production environments. Right now, the Basic version can be downloaded for free. Please experience the ease-of-use provided by Mync before this offer ends in 06 2017.

  • Basic
  • Standard