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Creating New Storyboard

Create a new storyboard.

1) Click the icon on the right edge of [Storyboard] on the sidebar.

  • A new storyboard will be created.

  • To delete a storyboard, right-click on the storyboard you want to delete or click on the right edge of the storyboard, and then click [Delete].

  • To change the storyboard name, click the selected storyboard again.

  • The default format size is 1920x1080 29.97p. You can change the format in [Storyboard Settings].

    Configuring Storyboard


  • Three storyboards can be created with Mync Basic.

Creating New Storyboard from Catalog/Smart Catalog

You can create a storyboard using catalogs or smart catalogs where clips have been collected in advance.

1) Right-click on the catalog or smart catalog, and click [Create storyboard].

  • A storyboard will be created. The name of the storyboard will be the same as that of the catalog/smart catalog.

    The clips registered in the selected catalog/smart catalog are registered as they are.

  • Additional clips can be registered/deregistered later. This does not affect on the registered contents of the original catalog/smart catalog.

Copying Storyboard

You can copy a created storyboard.

1) Right-click on a storyboard, and click [Copy storyboard].

  • The storyboard will be copied. The storyboard will be named as “original storyboard name-copy”.

  • Click on the right edge of the storyboard, and then click [Copy storyboard].

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