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Searching Duplicated Clips

You can specify search conditions and search for duplicated clips.

The duplicated clips that have been detected can be edited in properties, hidden, or moved to the recycle bin.

  • To search in a specific catalog, select the target catalog before searching.


To change the properties of a duplicated clip

1) Click [Edit] on the menu bar, and click [Search duplicate clips].

  • The [Search duplicate clips] dialog box appears.

2) Set [Search Mode] and [Search in].

  • [Search Mode] specifies the details of duplication to search. [Search in] refines the search targets.

  • To search in specified catalogs, select [Selected catalogs] in [Search in].

3) Click [Search].

  • Duplicated clips will be searched, and [Duplicate clips] will be created in [Library] of the sidebar. The duplicated clips are displayed in the thumbnail pane.

  • An identical [Duplicate ID] is given to duplicated clips.

    [Duplicate ID] can be viewed by switching the thumbnail pane display to [Details].

4) Select the check boxes of the clips whose properties are to be edited, and click [Edit properties].

  • The [Edit properties] dialog box appears.

5) Edit the properties and click [OK].

  • If you click [Hide] in step 4) , the clips with their check boxes selected will be hidden.

  • If you click [Move to recycle bin] in step 4) , the clips with their check boxes selected will be moved to the recycle bin.

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