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Restoring Offline Clips

If a source registered to [Library] is moved or renamed, the link between Mync and the source will be lost, and the clips will become offline clips. This section describes the method to support restoration of an offline clip.

1) Click [Edit] on the menu bar, and click [Search offline clips].

  • Offline clips are searched, and [Offline clips] will be created in the [Library] of the sidebar. Click [Offline clips] to display offline clips in the thumbnail pane.

  • Offline clips are displayed with red circle marks at the lower right of the thumbnails in the thumbnail pane.

2) Right-click an offline clip in the thumbnail pane, and click [Restore offline clip].

  • The [Restore offline clip] dialog box appears.

3) Click [...] in [Target file path].

  • The [Restore offline clip] dialog box appears.

  • To specify a folder and search for a source with an identical name in the specified folder and its sub folders, click [Search Folder].

4) Select a source, and click [Open].

  • If [Search Folder] has been clicked in step 3) , specify a folder to search, and click [Select Folder].

  • If the offline clip matches the selected file, a check mark appears on [Consistency].

5) Click [Start].

  • Mync and the source are re-linked.

  • When re-linking has been succeeded, a check mark appears on [Restore], and the red circle displayed on the thumbnail in the thumbnail pane disappears.

6) Click [Close].

  • The [Restore offline clip] dialog box is closed.

  • When specifying a folder to search, you can select multiple offline clips in step 2) to search at once.

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