Latest FAQ | CLIP

  • Clip does not appears in certain location

    Clip or sub-folder does not appear in connected device tree.

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  • Cannot play certain MOV clip

    I cannot play/browse certain MOV clip. How do I solve it?

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  • Cannot search clip by camera name

    I cannot registered movie clip by camera name.

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  • Clip disappeared from library

    Registered clip disappeared from library. How do I solve it?

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  • Modified properties are not applied

    Modified properties are not applied when seeing the clip in Windows Explorer.

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  • Free disk space does not increase after moving a clip to recycle bin

    I remove a clip from library to recycle bin. But free disk space does not increase.

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  • Clip in an external storage becomes offline

    Clips in external storage or removable device become offline. How do I solve it?

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