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Clip in an external storage becomes offline

Clips in external storage or removable device become offline. How do I solve it?


If you register clip stored in external storage or removable device, it will become offline by disconnecting the device from PC. We recommend to import the clip if the device is not always connected. Offline clip will be automatically online once the device is connected and same drive letter assigned.

If another letter is assigned to the device, you will be able to fix the problem by either procedure as following:


1. Reassign original drive letter in the Disk management tool ( Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management ) then restart Mync.


2. Relink the offline clip to original clip file stored in the device by using restore function.

1) Filer offline clip via [Edit] > [Search offline clips].

2) Right-click on the offline clip then choose [Restore offline clip] context menu.

3) Restore offlline clip dialog will appear. Click [Search Folder] button.

4) Select the clip file location then click [Select Folder] button.

5) Click [Start] button to proceed clip restore.

6) Once succeeded, "Restore" will be checked. Click [Close] button.