• Maximum number of clips in Storyboard

    How many clips up to can be registered in Storyboard?

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  • Still image duration in Storyboard

    Can I change default duration of still image for Storyboard?

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  • Storyboard audio format

    What's audio format supported by Storyboard?

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  • Adding title in Storyboard

    Can I add title in Storyboard?

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  • Created storyboard does not appear in the side bar

    I cannot see created storyboard in the side bar tree.

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  • Storyboard display order

    Storyboard display order in the side bar is changed unexpectedly.

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  • Confirming Storyboard duration

    How do I know total duration of storyboard?

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  • Create storyboard in SD video

    Can I create SD resolution storyboard?

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  • About timecode while trimming

    When trimming a clip, the timecode pops up. What do these timecodes mean?

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  • Create portrait video in Storyboard

    Can I create portrait video in Storyboard?

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