• Connected iPhone does not appear in Mync

    Connected iPhone does not appear under [Folder] > [Computer] > [Removable Device].

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  • Search a clip that contains GPS information

    How do I search a clip that contains GPS information?

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  • About search bar

    How the search bar works?

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  • About timecode while trimming

    When trimming a clip, the timecode pops up. What do these timecodes mean?

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  • Context menu for Imported histories grayed out

    Right-click on imported history item, but all context menu are grayed out.

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  • Difference of Import GPX files menu

    There are two "Import GPX files" menus at the menu bar. What is difference of them?

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  • Upload progress disappears

    I closed upload progress dialog. How do I see it again?

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  • Select multiple clips by touch screen operation

    I'm using Mync on touch screen environment. How do I select multiple clips?

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  • Using different library on same PC

    Can I use different library on shared PC?

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  • Search sequence clip

    How do I search sequence clip?

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We have prepared two versions of Mync.

The Basic version can be used by a wide range of individual users and the Standard version has advanced functions that enable use even in professional production environments. Please experience the ease-of-use provided by Mync. Mync Standard trial version download start!

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