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An error occurs while license activation / deactivation

An error occurs while license activation / deactivation. How do I solve this problem?

Please confirm an error code with red frame and troubleshoot with referring the error code reference .









Error Code#15

  Summary Activated license is expired.

1.PC clock settings might be changed.

2.PC component parts much changed (e.g. CPU, motherboard, graphics card, hard disk).

3.OS has been upgraded or re-installed.


None. Once either one in above is done, the trial license is expired and cannot be restored by backing to previous.

Error Code#29
Error Code#57C

  Summary Mync failed to connect to the license server.

1.Your internet connection might not work properly.
2.Firewall or anti-virus might block the internet connection.

3.Connection request might be denied by high load of the server.


Firstly, attempt to connect to the FlexNet portal site ( with Internet Explorer. If you can see the log-on screen of the site, close it and then go to below for next troubleshooting.

1.Disable Windows Firewall and then activate or de-activate the license.

2.Disable real-time scan of anti-virus and then activate or de-activate.
If the error still appears or you cannot access to the portal site, attempt off-line activation or deactivation.

3.Re-try license activation / deactivation after several minutes.

Error Code#406D

  Summary Entered serial number is invalid.
  Cause Incorrect Mync serial number might be entered for activation or deactivation.
  Solution Make sure that entered serial number matches to the number that is included to the product.

Error Code#40AE

  Summary Entered serial number is not active.
  Cause Entered serial number was not found in the license server.
  Solution Please confirm that entered serial number is correct. If entered number is correct, but the issue remains, please contact us from this form along with your Mync serial number.

Error Code#411C

  Summary No activated license is found in the license server while deactivating Mync license.
  Cause Local ID file info may have a problem.

If you want to delete your Mync license from the license list, delete it with below  procedure:

1) Request returning the license to us from this form along with target serial number and product name.
2) Make sure that all other licenses have been deactivated (this will be required if another version of EDIUS has been activated).
3) Quit GV License Manager.
4) Start the Licnse Mgr with pressing [Ctrl] + [Shift] key via [Start] > [All Programs] > [GV License Manager].
5) Right-click the License Mgr icon then choose [License List].
6) Right-click the target license and then choose [Delete].
7) Restart GV License Manager.

Error Code#4120

  Summary License already activated.
  Cause Mync license have been activated, but you tried further activation.
  Solution Return activated license with GV License Manager. If you cannot do it by PC trouble (e.g. harddisk defect), request to return the license to us from this form.

Error Code#10001

  Summary GV License Manager does not work properly.
  Cause Component modules of to the License Manager might not be installed properly.

Quit GV License Manager and then re-run the Mync installer to re-install the license manager. GV License Manager is installed while Mync installation.
*Before re-installing Mync, make sure that the anti-virus real-time scanning has been turned off.

Error Code#10014

  Summary GV License service is not running.
  Cause GV License service is not running or service module file might not be installed.

Confirm FlexNet license service is running or not with below procedure:

1) Start Windows Task manager and then choose [Services] tab.
2) Confirm that FlexNet Licensing Service is listed with "Running" status.

If the service is not running, change the status to Running manually, and then attempt to activate the license with GV License Manager.
If the service is not listed, it might be failed to install. In this case, please uninstall and re-install Mync with disabling real-time scanning of anti-virus software.

Error Code#41D2

  Summary Deactivation is proceeded over the limitation times.

Mync has limitation times per one month for deactivation. Further deactivation is proceeded. Deactivation request is being locked.


Contact us from this form along with Mync serial number.


Error Code#522


Response.xml file is failed to register.


GV License Manager failed to register response.xml file during off-line activation or deactivation process.


1.Please re-run "GVActivation.exe" to re-generate Response.xml file.

2.Delete the Trusted Storage file with below procedure and then re-try off-line activation.

1) If there is another license which is running properly, deactivate it.
2) Quit GV License Manager.
3) Back up both and GVKK_xxxxxxxx_tsf.data_backup.001 in C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet folder.
4) Start GV License Manager and then re-try off-line activation.

Error Code#51F

  Same as Error code #522. Response.xml file is failed to register.