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An error occurs when logging into EDIUS ID

An error occurs when I log into EDIUS ID to start Mync. How do I solve it?


Please confirm the error message.

Error The application is not installed correctly. Please re-install the application.
Cause Registry entry of EDIUS ID server information might be incorrect.

Uninstall and re-install EDIUS (License deactivation and re-activation is not required).


Error The PC clock is not correct. Please check your PC clock.
Cause The PC clock might be out of sync.

Check and adjust the PC clock.


Error Internet access is required to use this version. Please connect this system to the internet.
Cause 60 days have been passed since the last internet connection for the EDIUS ID. Or, failed to connect to internet when starting Mync Basic.

Connect PC to internet then restart Mync.


Error The license is invalid. Please contact Technical Support.
Cause The validation check for the Mync license might have failed. Or, the associated Mync license might have expired in Flexera.

Grass Valley to confirm activated license status using the Flexera console.


Error Web authorization required. This application will stop working in 60 days if there is no web authorization. Please connect this system to the web. (warning message)
Cause PC has not been connected to the internet for more than 30 days.

Connect PC to the Internet then launch Mync.
If this is done after 60 days have passed, you will be required to repeat the Flexera license activation process.