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  • Maximum number of clips in Storyboard

    How many clips up to can be registered in Storyboard?

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  • Initialize library and settings

    How do I initialize Mync library and settings?

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  • Cannot browse clips registered by other user

    I cannot browse clips registered by other user. How do I solve it?

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  • Difference between Import and Register

    What is difference between Import, Register and Card Copy?

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  • Import only recent photos

    I shot new photos and saved into the SD card that has been used to import in Mync.

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  • Adding title in Storyboard

    Can I add title in Storyboard?

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  • Cannot browse clips in device

    I connect my smartphone or tablet to my computer and click the displayed device under [Folder] > [Removable Device] at t...

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  • Importing photo, video to Mync

    How do I import photo or video from the device such as digital camera or smartphone?

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  • About GV License Manager administrator password

    What is GV License Manager administrator password?

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  • Using Mync without GV License Manager

    Can I use Mync without GV License Manager?

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We have prepared two versions of Mync.

The Basic version can be used by a wide range of individual users and the Standard version has advanced functions that enable use even in professional production environments. Please experience the ease-of-use provided by Mync. Mync Standard trial version download start!

  • Basic
  • Standard