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I cannot create EDIUS ID

I cannot create EDIUS ID. How do I solve it?


1. Plesae confirm below item on the EDIUS ID registration page:


1) Password has more than 8 characters using upper/lower case English letters and at least one number.


2) Entered e-mail address and password are same between left and right field.


3) Your birthday is entered.


4) "I have read the privacy policy and agree to its terms and conditions" box is checked (please read the privacy policy before checking the box).


5) Language for e-mail news is selected if "I would like to receive regular updates about products and services." check box.


2. Definitive registration might not be completed. After clicking the button on the EDIUS ID registration page, you will receive preliminary registration e-mail. Please click the URL in the e-mail within 48 hours from the time of the e-mail. If it passed over 48 hours without clicking the URL, preliminary registration will be expired. Please visit the EDIUS ID web site again then start from preliminary registration.