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An error occurs while starting Mync

"Cannot open the library" error occurs while starting Mync.


Mync might fail to open library data. You may be able to fix the problem by using backup data(Mync automatically back up the library).

Try the following:


1. Enter %AppData% into address bar of Windows Explorer.


2. Open Grass ValleyMyncBackup folder.


3. You will see back up file that has Mync_backup_[YYYYMMDDHHMMSS].lrdbk file name. Date and time is back up launched time.


4. Change file extension of target back up file from lrdbk to zip.


5. Create a new folder then copy the .zip file into the folder.


6. Unpack the .zip then overwrite Contents.db file into C:\UsersC:\[USERNAME]C:\AppDataC:\RoamingC:\Grass ValleyC:\Mync from unpacked to. If Contents.db-shm, Contents.db-wal exist, delete both files.