Feature highlights – finding duplicated clips

One of my most favorite features of Mync is detecting duplicated clips. Because I'm not good at organizing media on my laptop, I frequently copy same media files multiple times from the SD card. It may be necessary to make duplicated clips when organizing clips using Windows Explorer. Before using Mync, people, including me, tend to organize clips by the shooting date by folders. But, you may want to put the same clip in the folder with the event name, such as "Japan Trip". This is the easiest way to organize the media files (with the cost of file duplication). Using Mync, organizing clips using the folder of Windows Explorer on your hard disk drive is not necessary. You can find out the necessary file using the Mync functions later. Because of the Mync's function, there is no reason to keep duplicated clips, then you may want to remove duplicated clips. Mync has a function of detecting duplicated clips on your PC's hard drive or external storage. After detecting duplicated clips, you may want to delete one of duplicated clips quickly. I saved several gigabytes of the disk space by deleting duplicated clips. This screenshot shows the feature of detecting duplicated clips. I round 286 duplicated clips on my internal and external hard disk drives. It is my option to delete one of them, or to keep them for some reason. Please try to register your all media files in Mync and run the "Search Duplicated Clips" function. You will find how easy it is to find duplicated clips by Mync.